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Welcome to my site

As Dr Suess once said “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” and I believe that education and learning fit perfectly with this. With the right understanding of the questions and good resources, answers shouldn’t be complicated.

I have a young daughter myself and when she started school I noticed that the tasks seemed daunting even at 4! (who knew what a digraph was, seriously?). But there are so many fun and exciting ways to make learning fun out there and this blog is intended to bring you the latest and greatest, in information and products.

I also work for a company called help educational games which provides games for children with special educational needs and is an area I am very passionate about. With so many resources out there I will research the best ones mainly for literacy and numeracy. Any topical issues in the world of education and learning may also feature alongside.

I really hope that you enjoy reading what I have to say and feel free to message me your thoughts and comments!


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