Children love playing board games. They promote memory skills, concentration and social interaction, but most of all they’re fun to play! HELP Educational Games offers a large range of games which will help children of all ages and abilities with specific learning difficulties. Having fun and reaching their potential is one of the best gifts you can give a child.

Note: All of the games are designed by qualified and experienced teachers and are supported by the National Curriculum.    

This gift guide is categorised by ages, making it easier to buy a game based on their school year. However as we know, children all learn at their own pace and so I have included the area the game focuses on and what skill it aims to improve.

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Age 4-7

Odd Bods2002 odd-bods

This jigsaw like game makes key word recognition fun. Helps with high frequency words and offers blank spaces for custom words. To see the words included in the game visit


blenditBlend it

Blend it is a game based on building consonant-vowel-consonant words (CVC). Picture clues are given to help build the end of the word. Children will begin to recognise sounds and be able to build words using them.

Untitled design (50)Age 4-7 (2)
RemRem box 25.jpgRemember Remember

This colourful game has a dual purpose – it reinforces the magic ‘e’ rule through reading and rhyming words and is also a memory game with 2 sets of colourful pictures and clues. (Game of the Month – see website for special offer)

Splash Game Board NEW AJ


Children will love this engaging jungle themed game. The aim is to get all your jungle explorers safely across the crocodile infested river. How? By identifying and counting syllables in animal words. For example li-on or croc-o-dile. This reinforces work attack skills and lots of fun to play.


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Age 4-7 (3)

scoopThis word building game reinforces the learning of vowel digraphs and initial & final consonant blends.
The game has 3 sets of 36 letter cards using vowel digraphs ‘oo’ ‘ee’ ‘ou’ ; ‘ea’ ‘oa’ ‘ai’ and ‘ui’ ‘oi’ ‘au’.

Perfect for children who struggle with the phonics of reading and writing.

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Age 4-7 (4)
Racer Chaser box 25.jpg
Racer Chaser is already proving to be a winner with children! The game combines the excitement of racing cars whilst reinforcing word building using prefix and suffix skills. Examples of words included are careless, awareness and disappear or resource.


Secret Sid New web image - Secret Sid 25

The Sounds Investigation Detective is on the prowl for silent letters in words.
Clues are given for the words that hide the silent letters. Children enjoy solving the clues to discover the silent letter in the answer by themselves.

Untitled design (50)For children that are into computer games we also have a range of digital versions of original board games that children can enjoy on their favourite devices.

If you have a child in mind but not sure which game is best for their needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can recommend the best game for them.