CVC words (consonant – vowel – consonant) are where many students begin learning how to read. However for children with Specific Learning Difficulties, the simple CVC words may need a little bit more practice before reading begins. Bugs is designed exactly for this reason. It’s aimed at children aged between 5 and 8 who are just starting to read, or who are experiencing difficulties in the reading process. Consistent practice sounding out and analysing the word patterns allows students to lay the ground work for fluent reading.

These simple CVC word and picture matching activities are great for developing children’s visual recognition skills.

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More benefits of Bugs.

There are two other literacy games included in bugs aimed at children in the early stages of reading and writing. Nearly all children experience confusion of similar looking letters. With the same format as the CVC games, children will be challenged to read words beginning with b, d or p and asked to match picture cards beginning with the same letter.

Screenshot (233) The game can be set to b, d or p words or mixed depending of the child’s ability.

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Shown here is a mixed game made up of words beginning with b, d and p. As you can see Amy has reached the top and is now asked to pick the correct picture for a chance to win this round. These skills help children to visual words that they haven’t seen but by sounding them out themselves.

This can increase children’s confidence in their own ability, which is often a big issue for children with literacy problems.

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The third literacy game that Bugs offers is Initial & Final blends. Children with SpLD’s often struggle with these as the blends are not pronounced phonetically.

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This can also be played with separate blends or mixed. The game above is separate blends ‘ch’ for Connor and ‘th’ for Sophie.

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Connor has reached the picture cards first and is now asked to pick one with the same blend. He has chose ‘chick’. He would have to visual the blend of the images to choose the correct picture, which he did!

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Bugs can grow with the child as they develop their literacy skills from CVC words to b, d, p confusion to Initial & Final Blends. It offers children the chance for social interaction and can be played 1:1 or in teams. Children can choose their own colours, time limits, the number of counters and the team name. The simplistic and easy to use layout is great for children who can often get distracted in the classroom and for children of a younger age.

Offering this bright and competitive game in school and in the home can help children to really practice vital skills to help them become fluent readers and writers.

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