Ah autumn. In my opinion (but I bet I’m not alone) autumn is the best time of the year. The weather is a little chiller but not too cold. The colours are bold and bright. It’s the start to all the good holidays. Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas (but not too close that the mad panic has hit) just a few thoughts and little feelings of excitement creep in.

With the first half term of new school year coming up in then next week or two, depending on where you live, I thought I would write some of my favourite things to do throughout the autumn with children.


  • Collect colourful leaves

Finding leaves of all different colours is one of the perks of living in a cold country. We’re so lucky to have changing seasons and full advantage must be taken.

  • Go pumpkin pickingUntitled design (29)

With Halloween’s ever growing popularity, many local farms offer P.Y.O pumpkin. Just make sure you wear wellies and bring a large shopper bag to carry them in.

  • Woodland Trail

There’s so many amazing things to do in the autumn in the woods. See the squirrels gathering their nuts. Collect pinecones for crafts or just for fun. Maybe even go on a bug hunt if you’re feeling brave.


  • Leaf rubbing

Whist on your woodland trail, why not tell the kids to collect a few of the best leaves that they see. Put tfall-leaf-rubbing-art-leaves-colored-jen-goode.jpghem in their pockets and when you get home they make the perfect rubbing tool. Place your paper over the top and with a coloured pencil or crayons work best, rub over the top and you’ll see the veins and patterns coming through.

  • Carve pumpkins

If you spend any time on Pinterest you’re bound to have seen some the extravagant pumpkin carving ideas out there. But the fun is really in the activity not what it looks like at the end (I keep telling myself that anyway). It’s such a fun activity to do with children and they love the messiness of getting the seeds and all the stringy parts out the middle.

  • Nature crowns

This one may require a bit of artistic flare or maybe just a good glue gun will work. Give it a go and your child will look like autumn royalty. Kidspot have a great video to make a simple crown.

  • Halloween costume (Face painting)f00a9a741f01fb9f4d8e56ff1963a025

Making a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be difficult. You can literally just wear a black vest and cut some bone shapes in a white t-shirt for a very effective skeleton look (see image) and shouldn’t be too expensive either. If Halloween’s not really your thing why not try just simple face painting. Especially good for rainy days and makes kids feel like their at a party all day long.



  • Make rice crispy cakes

One of the easiest cakes to make for sure and kids love it! With little ingredients and no cooking involved its a great one for children to have a go independently. You could even try adding a few extrUntitled design (38)a special toppings. Take a look at Two sisters amazing rice crispy eggs!

  • Drink hot chocolate

Another perfect one for the cold autumn evenings. Get a flask ready and some cups and you’re all set to watch the fireworks!

Enjoy your autumn everyone!