One of the most common causes of reading problems is a delay in phonetic awareness. This is the ability to break down words into individual sounds. This delay can also cause problems with writing, particularly when spelling.

Once letter sounds have be learnt in the early years of learning, children will move on to learning digraphs. Two letters which make one sound. Some children struggle with this because blending the letter sounds they have previously learnt doesn’t work in all cases.

For example

The word ‘hot’ would be ‘h’ ‘o’ ‘t’

But when being taught ‘boil’ it would be ‘b’ ‘oi’ ‘l’.

The ‘o’ and ‘i’ do not blend together phonetically, so children will learn these digraphs from sight and lots of practice.

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For many this can be a real struggle, but rest assured there are resources to conquer the English language.

Penalty is a football themed game designed for children who struggle with these digraphs. The game is focused on rhyming pairs of words with the same digraph sound. Players have the opportunity to hear each word and so will begin to recognise which letters make which sound.


With varying levels of difficulty and a fun match based concept, the game is designed to grow with the child so they can enjoy their learning experiences.

This is why working on phonological awareness is so important. It helps to make spelling natural when writing and for children to become fluent readers.

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