In the first few years of school, children are expected to learn the essential high frequency words. These are words that appear often in written text. By learning and practising these words at school and in the home, the aim is for children to be able to recognise and read them. The words learnt are made up of two types:

1. Decodable- words that can be sounded out phonetically e.g., not, can, up.
2. Tricky/Exception words – those that don’t follow usual English language rules and need to be learnt by sight e.g. what, time, be, he.

How should my child be practising these words?

• Flashcards
• Stick them all over the house
• Memory games
• Magnetic letters
• Look out for words when out and about
• Make it fun
Chase is a game specifically made to help children who struggle with learning the high frequency words.

chase icon

The game includes 70 of the essential words children need to learn according to the National Curriculum. Chase has varying levels of difficulty to grow with children as they reach more advanced stages of reading.

Who is it for?

Ages 4 – 7
Key stage 1
Reception – Year 2
Nursery – Primary 2

How to Play

A word list will appear at the beginning of the game with the words for the chosen game set. This gives children a chance to look and say the word with a teacher.

Whilst the cat is still asleep, the mouse will start the game (A good advantage for a child who are struggling more than others.) As the child controlling the mouse recognises the words and says them correctly, they will move up the screen. If a word is said incorrectly, the cat wakes up! The child playing the cat will then have the chance to chase the mouse by saying the words out loud again. If the cat catches the mouse he wins but if the mouse can reach the top he can escape!

Does it Work?

By having the words on the screen at the beginning, during the mouse and the cats turn, it will help children to recognise the out of context words to help with reading and writing. Being able to instantly understand the high frequency words is part of learning to read quickly and fluently.


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