For those unfamiliar with dyslexia it may seem like you’d struggle all your life, of course you’d be able to get by, but could you really be successful?

The answer is YES.

Dyslexia comes with its own set of difficulties but can actually have a lot of positives such as creativity and determination. These skills have served themselves well to a few well known people.

Steve Jobs

  1. Steve Jobs – Having dyslexia in no way stopped Steve Jobs becoming of the CEO of the most advanced technological company ever. He many have found it more difficult to read than other but his creativity changed the world.

tom cruise


Tom Cruise – Tom Cruise once described himself as a ‘functional illiterate’ due to his dyslexia diagnosis at a young age. During school he focused on sports and theatre rather than studying, which proved successful. He now dominates the big screen world wide.

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" UK Premiere - Inside Arrivals


Kiera Knightly – Knightly was diagnosed with dyslexia at the young age of 6. Her dreams of being an actress had to be put on hold till her reading skills were up. Now a successful actress, she credited her struggle for making her tougher and showing her how much she could achieve.



Richard Branston – Due to Richard Branston’s dyslexia his teachers regarded him as stupid and lazy. He is now a billionaire entrepreneur and owner of his own island. He now says his dyslexia is his greatest strength .



Agatha Christie – You probably wouldn’t expect a person with such literary success would have had problems with reading and writing, but Agatha Christie did. She remembers being looked as the ‘slow one’ of her family. Her mysterious tales have sold 4 billion copies all over the world and she is regarded as one of the great writers of all time.